Stop #5: Louisville Lunch and More...

We decided to swing by Louisville to catch up with Rob from Businesspundit, who I had been reading and writing to for a few years and finally got to meet in person at SXSW.  We even got to meet Mrs. Businesspundit.  The Mays are a great couple and hopefully, we can take them out in NYC one day.

Picture 115

We didn't really think we'd spend much time in Louisville besides lunch, as we still had to head out to St. Louis.  However, we found a waterfront park that rented surrey bikes that sat you down side by side.

Hilarity ensued:

Picture 116

Picture 117

Picture 122

We got some ices.  The guy at the cart asked us if we had ever heard of "Italian Ices."  He then asked me if I had ever seen a purple spoon, which he handed me.

I wanted to ask him, "Have you ever seen...  anything outside of Louisville?"  :)

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