Stop #5: St. Louis...The Arch, a Parade, and more bloggers...

Today was a relatively easy day in St. Louis.  We have a very ambitious driving day tomorrow...  in fact, the next few days are going to be...  well, we'll stick with ambitious as the term.  Basically, by the end of Saturday, we'll find ourselves with Mere's family in Butte, Montana.

Picture 138

We did get to see the Arch, where I learned that my fear of heights isn't just about seeing the heights, but also feeling the ride up.  Elevators don't bother me too much, although they did in the WTC...  but the creaky tram system they've got up the Arch was a bit hairy for me.  What's bizzare is that they use the same pods on the tram as were used in the infamous Jeff Goldbloom movie, the Fly.

Picture 140

The small windows at the top of the Arch gave me at least a little bit of security. 

Picture 147

Picture 146

In the morning, there was a parade right outside our hotel.... very Middle America:

Picture 150

On our way out of St. Louis to KC, we stopped in the Dogtown neighborhood to meet up with fellow bloggers Matt Winn and Ashley Cecil.  Ashley's comments about the power of her blog in her career as (an artist interested in the non-profits) started a whole conversation about it afterwards between Mere and I which might lead to her blogging.  We'll see.  This has definitely been a great "people trip" for us... meeting up with old friends and new, family, analog friends and digital ones, too.

Picture 154