Stop #4 - Cleveland: Meg and the Tribe

The Jake is a fantastic place to watch a game.  The Indians beat up on the Rays, but the turning point of the game was Perez coming out of the pen for the Indians in the 7th with bases loaded and no outs with a 3-2 lead.  He got the first out by leaping about 4 feet in the air to snare a chopper back to the mound and throwing home...  finished off the inning 1-2-3...  amazing job.  I went to the game with Mere and my friend Meg from Fordham who graciously opened up her Euclid Heights apt couch to us. 

Picture 095

They're serious about their "I" logo...

Picture 098

Didn't even realize beforehand...  Fireworks night!   We watched from the parking lot roof standing up through the sunroof of the Tribeca.

Picture 104

Picture 109

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