Plaxo: Shiny and new, but doesn't quite work

Spam issues in the past aside, I've usually found Plaxo to be a pretty useful service.  Having moved companies a few times, the process of moving address books around and keeping up to date with people has been made much easier because of it.

So when they announced themselves as the place to sync everything, I was psyched.  Their new interface is terrific.  Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work.

First off, it somehow triplicated all of my calendar entries.  That's ok, though, because they have a premium feature that includes de-duping.  Ahh...  I see their business model now.  Screw up your calendar and than pay to fix it.  Clever!

In addition, they sync with GCal, which is fantastic, because GCal couldn't understand the CSV file that I had exported from Outlook.   Plaxo told me that I had too many calendar entires (about 3x too many, perhaps?) and that it would sync everything for me in the background.   That was yesterday.  Is it still working?  I have no idea if the feature is broken, it just didn't work that time or if its halfway done.

Perhaps I should wait for Plaxo 3.5?