Trip Updates

So we made a little change on the front end...  the Cooperstown day ends with a few hours to Ithaca, NY.   That will give us 5 1/2 hours to trek across Western NY on our way to the Tribe game in Cleveland.

So here's the map now
.  Remember, all those west coast stops aren't actually stops.. they're just a way to get Google Maps to drive on the right road.

So, in terms of cities, stops and opportunities to meet folks...

We have a free day in Seattle on 7/11, both day and night.  Suggestions are welcome and we'll prob do some sort of happy hour type thing for the handful of folks we know in Seattle.

We're also free the night of 7/14 in San Fran.   We might stop in if anyone is hanging out after CommunityNext, but also, @caroliiine is going to be headed into the Bay Area that same night, so we were thinking of maybe doing a NYers invade the Valley thing, too.  Up in the air...

I also just ordered my radar detector.  That should come in by the end of the week...  vroooom.

We picked up a few audio books as well, and I'm thinking of dusting off my XM radio and resubscribing.  Does anyone have the car adapter for it?  Does it work?  I was pretty disappointed with the performance of the adapter for the iPod.

We also managed to avoid camping entirely...   Mere called Yellowstone again and found a hotel cancellation, so we don't have to sleep in the woods.  That would have been a lot of extra gear to carry around for just one night.

Tickets purchased for Royals game on 7/4 and for LA Dodgers on Monday the 16th.  Most expensive seat at Kaufmann was $32, not surprisingly.  At least I'll get to see Ichiro, b/c the Mariners are in town.  I hope King Felix pitches.