Point and Laugh Friday - iPhone, MySpace, Facebook Apps

My favorite radio show, Opie and Anthony, has been doing a "____  day" gimmick to make fun of other radio stations.  Yesterday was "Phone call Thursday" and it just featured listeners calling up with absolutely nothing to say just because it was Phone call Thursday.  Hilarious.

Today is "Point and Laugh Friday" in addition to being "Mispronunciation Friday" and a few other things, and I think I may just make Fridays into Point and Laugh Friday on this blog as well.

So feel free to point and laugh...

...at anyone at the front of the iPhone lineIncluding professional line sitters.

...for MySpace for thinking that developers would spend time building apps for them after Facebook has already said anyone is free to make money there and MySpace has a history of bullying the very applications that made the service what it is today. Chris DeWolfe thinks the Facebook platform "is interesting."

...at Yankee fans, who think there's any shot whatsoever of the Yanks making the playoffs. 

...at Facebook app developers for thinking that all they had to do is throw any kind of crap up there and get 7 million users, plus have their business plan solved for them as well.  Oh, so wait... you still need a marketing strategy, a compelling and viral app that provides utility, AND a business model??   

Point and laugh, folks.  Point and laugh.