Guerilla Marketing... Bay Ridge Style

I just got a MySpace friend request from Status Q Billiards.

Status Q isn't a person, of course... its a pool hall in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

And you know, I pass it all the time, but I really don't hangout that much by my apartment, so I haven't gone in there in ages...   

... but someone over there was smart enough to notice that I had "pool" as a hobby in my profile... or maybe they were just adding people in the local area and they asked to be my friend.

No matter what kind of business you are, setting up shop in MySpace is brilliant.  I'm happy to be friends with Status Q and now it makes me want to go in there...  especially now that I can see who else might be playing there by checking all of the other people who are friends with Status Q.  They've turned marketing into community building.

Leave it to a little pool hall in Brooklyn to understand Web 2.0 guerilla marketing better than most big corporations.