Guess What Second Space is and Win a Jamba Juice!

Ignition just funded SecondSpace.  I like the guys over there so I'm curious what the company is up to, but they're being very secretive.

The website says this:

"We have the opportunity to build a groundbreaking new online service that helps consumers get the most from their free time."

Its from a group of people who "have impressive
track records building global online brands and services such as
Internet Explorer, VeriSign, Microsoft FrontPage,,
Quicken Loans and others...

So what is it?

MySpace for grown-ups?

A porn site?

A great new ajax web calendar?

Submit your guess and I'll buy the best guess (As voted by the audience in a couple of days) an Original size Jamba Juice of any flavor.

My guess is that it will be a site you stare into and get hypnotized into thinking you actually had a great time on the site, but what you really did was randomly click AdSense ads for seven hours.