Link Density and Depth

Brad and I have been chatting about link density and depth.

I don't know exactly what I want to say about this, but there's an interesting progression in here somewhere., or at least the home page, has high link density.  Almost everything on that page is clickable.

However, it doesn't have great depth.   You click on New York, now you get all the New York catagories.  You click on Missed Connections and then you get listings.  Click on a listing, and that's it.  Dead end.  No more clicking, save for going backwards via the top menu. does one better with half its listings.  There's just as much link density on each page as the Craigslist frontpage, but here, half the links bring you to equally dense pages.  Clicking on a tag or a screename will get you yet another page full of links.  So, as long as you stay on those links, you could go around and around forever.

Even better is IMDB...  lots of links, and every movie has a list of clickable people, each of which brings you to a person with their own set of movies.  And, each of those movies has more people.  Person, movie, person movie.

What more degrees of freedom?  Try Baseball Reference.  Everything, and I mean everything, is clickable.  Years, teams, players, awards, etc.  You can go from David Wright's page to the '94 Mets to Richard Hildago to the 1997 National League page to Andres Gallarraga to Ted Kluscewski to voting on the 1950 MVP award, and so on and so on... colleges, towns, days of debut of final games, birth death... circles and cirlcles and every page is as dense as the last one, and every page infinately deep.

I like the idea of pages where everything is clickable but each click takes you to a new page of clicks...  and we were wondering whether or not that only works with certain kinds of content.  Can you do it with news?  I mean, certainly, news pages could get more link dense and deep... since right now it seems like the most you ever get are like 3 or 4 related articles and like two keywords.  Recipies would be a great one.  Strawberry cheesecake?  Click strawberries and strawberry martinis, too...  and other drinks, or drinks that go with other food... round and round.  What else?