Top 10 things I learned at last night's nextNY outing

The really great thing about getting all these great people together for nextNY is that I really get to learn a lot.

Here's what I learned:

  1. Bars with big comfy chairs and leather couches are not condusive to mingling.
  2. The real business model in podcasting is recording everything in your life and then charging people not to podcast it.  I mean, come on, how big is the global blackmail market relative to the potential podcasting advertising market?  (from Greg Galant of Venture Voice)
  3. If you are an entrepreneur, Barcelona wants you! 
  4. As the organizer, I will never get a chance to play pool.
  5. SquareSpace was created and run by just one guy...  and a small army of carpenter ants, but they mostly just do QA.
  6. When two or more podcasters show up to a party, and record each other's podcasting each other, its called group podcasterbation.  (from Adam Varga of DailySonic )
  7. Student Advantage was a billion dollar market cap company at one point....actually, for one day.
  8. Some really cool people come out of ITP...actually even more cool than I thought before.
  9. The next trip I go on, I need to go here to find people who travel the way I do.
  10. Dewey's has a really good jerk chicken sandwich.

More pictures taken with our cheap throwaway camera here.

Mica's not really that short... Josh is actually 6'10''

Our point guard, center, and front court