Frank, I'll play left for ya

I officially volunteer to play left field for the Washington Nationals.  I have years of little league and softball experience.  I'm a contact hitter that hits to the opposite field.  Please contact my agent, Fred Wilson, if interested.

This Soriano "not playing left" garbage is ridiculous.

And I've seen it before...   with good and bad results.  It really just goes to show you the charactor of the player.

Remember Todd Hundley in left?  That was a total disaster, because Hundley didn't even really try.  He didn't want to play out there and you knew it.

Mike Piazza at first?  Well, at least he tried.  He wasn't very good, but he was at least mildly serviceable.  He should have started doing that earlier, though, and maybe he could have been halfway decent.

The best example, though, and a guy I'd have on my team any day of the week is Craig Biggio. 

Craig, go catch.   Okay.

Craig, go play second.  Okay, no problem.

Craig, go play center.  Done.

Craig, go back to second.  Great.

How about A-Rod?  Moves to third to play for a contending team.

So when Soriano says he refuses to play at all rather than play second, I say, sit the bum.  Let him miss a whole season.  Its the same with the Mets and Matsui.  He couldn't field his way out of a hat at short, but it was in his contract that he couldn't move.  He should have offered to move, or they should have said, "Fine, don't play."

Playing baseball professionally for millions of dollars a year is a priviledge.  Not a right.  A lot of guys would take your place in a heartbeat and be just as entertaining and just as productive. 

Soriano, you're no Robin Yount.