How to Steal Dealflow from Another VC

You have no idea how much rogue software I install on my computer everyday.  If you've got a startup that looks like its in our space, and you need to install a plugin, client, add-in, add-on, whatever...   I'll click and install.

And, I know I'm not alone.

Basically, VC analysts are a spyware company's dream.  Will click anything and download anything.

Someone once told me is that what made the spyware business so good is that people will click anything at two in the morning to see Britney Spears naked.

Well, VC analysts will click anything during the workday to find the next Skype.

If a venture firm was really smart, they'd get me to download some kind of spyware that looks like a p2p, web 2.0, ajax enabled, bittorrent video tagging service powered by AdSense... one that secretly scans all my incoming e-mails for new deals.

Good thing venture firms aren't that smart.