A Slight Bit of Optimism

"Good to hear from you. The proposal now gets read and assessed by

various colleagues and possibly reviewed by outside academic reviewers.

This can take a few weeks. We put content/style and market feedback on

the project and work up a costing as to sales/print run/price etc.

So if you don't hear from me or one of my colleagues about the project

for a few weeks, please do not assume the worst !"

Hmm....  I hate to be overly optimistic, but I have to think this is a pretty good sign.  I mean, why would they bother putting numbers on the project if they didn't at least buy off on the concept.  And its not like Mary owes me anything that she needs to give me a free pass to the second round.   I'll keep you posted.

So Sunday, I had quite the planes trains and automobiles day.   The goal was to wind up at LeYeun (not Gino's, surprisingly, b/c my parents had been there like 4 days in a row or something) at 4:30.  The problem was that I left the car in Astoria b/c of alternate side parking.   I also needed to help out with the Hoboken kayaking program in the afternoon.  So, at 7AM, I took out my bike and biked over the Triborough bridge to Astoria.  I put the bike in the car, and drove to Hoboken  Then, leaving the car there, I took the Path train to Christopher Street, and ran down to Pier 26.  I volunteered at the Boathouse for a few hours, then 11 of us packed up and paddled over to Sinatra Park where we ran a free program like we do at the Boathouse all afternoon.   At 3:00, I hopped in the car, and drove into Brooklyn, where I stopped home to see Puba, and then went to the restaurant.  After dinner, I drove back home, dropped off the bike, and then drove back to Astoria to see Deirg, who had just come back from a week vacation for Sarah Danitz's wedding.  I took the subway home around 10:30 that night.   Obviously, I slept pretty well.  :)