So here I am again...

So here I am again... at DTUT.   Its been a long week at work, and an equally long week in the dating world...   Makes me think of that George Carlin line about the "near miss."  "Near miss" would come to mind, except that Carlin is right--a "near miss" is a hit.  You see a car accident and someone says, "those two cars.. they nearly missed each other.  Good thing the roads were slippery otherwise they might have missed."  I'm tired and I just feel like relaxing on my own.  There's a married couple at the table next to me playing Scrabble.  One of the words they've spelled is "shit."  Potty mouthes!  Anyway, Sue and Fil had their annual Summer Kickoff at 13 yesterday.  I hung around for a little while.... not nearly as many people as their were last year.  Not sure why. 

There were lots of high school kids in here before...  I wish I knew about this place in high school.  I would have lived here after school on a Friday night.  There are a lot of things I know about now that I wish I knew in high school.  Did I mention that this kayaking thing is one of the best things to ever happen to me?  I feel like it makes me a lot more interesting...

"What did you do today?"

"Oh, I was kayaking on the Hudson River." 

Its also a good way to judge people... based on their response.  The kind of people I wanna hang out with think its really awesome, or they can't believe its free.  Other people say, "Isn't the water dirty?"   The water's not dirty at all...   bacteria-y, chemical-y.. maybe... but actual dirt?  I have not seen a lot of dirt floating around the water.

Alright... back to my book.  Its been a couple of weeks since my lunch with Mary...  Obviously, I'm not as optimistic about my chances that she'll be interested in publishing me now.