Letter from the Manager

I'll let you surmise how yesterday's GM Softball game went. This is the note I sent to my team afterwards...

"Yesterday's game was an embarrassment, and it will not happen again. I'm not talking about the final score, but in how we acted--both in how we carried ourselves and in how we acted towards each other. Almost to a player, every single one of us made a bad play at some point in the game. Our heads weren't in the game and we tossed the ball around like a bunch of little league kids. The idea that anyone thought their performance yesterday rose above anyone else's, enough to criticize your own teammates, is ridiculous.

Considering the fact that our team counts on outsiders to play with us, we need to be a lot more thoughtful about how we act towards each other. Anne has played with us four games, Kristy Glass for three... and we've counted on other invites from myself or Mike D. before. If I was playing with us for the first time yesterday, I'd never want to come back. We can't afford for our guests to start dropping out on us or we'll start forfeiting games. When I invite my friends to games, I'd like to have them walk away thinking that we've got a great bunch of people playing--not leave with the bad taste in their mouths they had after yesterday.

Cross made a great point after the game yesterday. Think of the teams we've played this season, and for those of you who were around last year, even the teams last season. We are the ONLY team I have ever seen in this league yell at their own players. NO ONE else does that. Its pathetic, and going forward, if it happens again, in any situation, I will just ask those people to leave the game. I don't care who I have to play at what position, I refuse to subject anyone on this team to that kind of treatment. Its completely disrespectful. If we have another complete breakdown of respect like we did yesterday, I'll just ask the commissioner to forfeit the rest of our games and that will be the end of our season.

Next week, we are not just going to win, but we are going to play the right way from the first pitch to the last---supportive of our teammates, cheering every at-bat, shaking off bad plays, and knowing what to do when the ball comes to you. Its important that every individual goes out of their way on every single play next week to make up for this game."