I was cleaning out some

I was cleaning out some old files, and I have this saved conversation from me and Brian... I don't know if its funny to anyone that didn't go to Our Lady of Guadalupe, but its funny to us...

Cuth23: jeanine giordano just IMed me ... I'm having flashbacks.

Cuth23: It's like an OLG reunion

Ceo21: jeezus christ

Ceo21: How'd she get your IM?

Cuth23: jeannine

Cuth23: samartano

Ceo21: The other Janine is Janine I think.

Ceo21: Janine used to have a cousin named Darlene, no?

Cuth23: Janine Giordano

Cuth23: 73rd jeannine

Ceo21: yeah

Ceo21: no

Cuth23: is two n's

Cuth23: i'm right

Cuth23: trust me

Ceo21: yeah

Ceo21: no no, I meant...

Ceo21: Giordano is Janine

Ceo21: that was my point

Cuth23: yup

Cuth23: oh, you are correct

Ceo21: : jeanine giordano just IMed m

Ceo21: ok

Ceo21: Anyway...

Ceo21: is she on now?

Ceo21: Ask her if she had a cousin Darlene that went to OLG... I wanna see how good my memory is.

Cuth23: are you thinking of margaret giordano

Ceo21: no no

Ceo21: I know who margaret is

Ceo21: Darlene is someone's cousin

Ceo21: I think its Janine.

Ceo21: ask her

Ceo21: I don't think I invented the girl.

Cuth23: and she went to olg

Cuth23: that 3 pound sandwhich doin wonders with your memory ain't it

Ceo21: hold on a sec

Ceo21: so what's the verdict on the cousin?

Cuth23: oops

Ceo21: You never asked.

Cuth23: haha, i started talkin to her about other shit and forgot

Cuth23: haha

Ceo21: I'm sure its her

Cuth23: Wait.

Cuth23: The shortish girl

Cuth23: little chunk

Cuth23: dirty blonde hair

Cuth23: or something like that

Ceo21: no no

Ceo21: dark hair

Ceo21: skinny

Cuth23: oh

Cuth23: apparently that's not her then

Ceo21: straight shoulder length hair

Ceo21: Who's not who?

Cuth23: The girl I was thinking

Cuth23: is not her

Cuth23: i was thinking doreen giuga

Cuth23: remember her?

Cuth23: jesus christ

Cuth23: i can't believe i remembered her last name

Ceo21: Yeah.. of course I remember doreen

Cuth23: doreen guiga

Cuth23: i'm so impressed with myself for that one

Ceo21: You remember that game we used to play with Hops...

Ceo21: the list game

Ceo21: where you go back and forth naming people in a catagory

Ceo21: and if you can't name one, you're out

Cuth23: oh christ

Cuth23: yeah

Cuth23: what's the category

Ceo21: Catagory: People we went to school with from Kingergarten to 5th Grade

Cuth23: Elizabeth Bova

Ceo21: holy shit

Ceo21: no, see

Cuth23: Woooooooooooooooo

Ceo21: you gotta save those

Ceo21: you keep the hard ones to yourself until you need it

Cuth23: LIke Clubber Lang said to Rocky

Cuth23: "I gotta lotta more, boy, got a lotta more"

Ceo21: Rosemarie Liuzzo

Cuth23: Sal Auteri

Ceo21: Vinny Cigna

Cuth23: Paul Tulipan

Cuth23: pano

Ceo21: Kennith Tong

Cuth23: Michael Tam

Ceo21: Hen-wing Yu

Cuth23: Joey Sobanko

Ceo21: Allison McGowen

Cuth23: Awww

Cuth23: Maria Ribaudo

Cuth23: brb

Ceo21: James Mallon

Ceo21: k

Ceo21: I'll save these

Ceo21: we should do e-mails and forward them

Ceo21: so we don't lose track

Cuth23: Paul Mazzone

Ceo21: Sara Guariglia

Cuth23: Melisa Kipp

Cuth23: Yeah bitch.

Ceo21: Julia Iraci

Cuth23: Those two were like a pair

Cuth23: Squadrito

Ceo21: Valenti

Cuth23: Dawn

Ceo21: Debbie Fraulo

Cuth23: Susan "I became beyond hot the day we were confirmed" Coca

Ceo21: Christina Paino

Cuth23: Tommy Lanza

Ceo21: Kristin Thimpson... put that in your pipe and smoke it

Cuth23: :-)

Cuth23: Wow ... I have a face with that name though

Cuth23: Good one.

Cuth23: Anthony Mignone

Ceo21: Dominic Lombardi

Cuth23: Mike Serrano

Ceo21: Steven Dispenza

Cuth23: Jeannine S.

Ceo21: Rosalia DiMaggio

Cuth23: Maria Manino

Ceo21: obviously

Ceo21: Regina O'Conner

Cuth23: joey fazio

Ceo21: Janine Giordano

Cuth23: TONI

Cuth23: ANN

Cuth23: LOM

Cuth23: BOM

Cuth23: BARDA

Ceo21: Margaret Giordano

Cuth23: Oh cadillac girl

Cuth23: MaryEllen Iacoviello

Ceo21: Rosemarie Rotunda

Cuth23: i can't get a face for her

Cuth23: nicole bian rosa

Ceo21: Doesn't matter.. she exists

Ceo21: short hair

Cuth23: briwn

Cuth23: choppy

Ceo21: yeah

Ceo21: Angela Ruffo

Cuth23: gotcha

Cuth23: Who was the idiot girl she used to hang out with

Cuth23: Ugh

Cuth23: Well, Tabitha Pagan is next anyway

Ceo21: MaryAnne Lentini

Ceo21: that's who you're looking for

Cuth23: That's the one, yup. Thomas Rispoli

Cuth23: So weird how one name triggers a whole bunch of other names

Ceo21: AnnaLisa Bavaro

Cuth23: Dave Fuschetto

Ceo21: Kerri Gonzalez

Ceo21: 3rd grade ... one year

Cuth23: who?

Ceo21: curly hair

Cuth23: your class?

Cuth23: alright bitch

Cuth23: christopher dundero

Ceo21: Christopher Quiznell

Cuth23: nice.

Cuth23: sal montemarano

Ceo21: Melissa Racinia

Cuth23: god dammit

i didn't think you'd get that one

Ceo21: you were saving it

Ceo21: I knew you were

Cuth23: I liked that girl

Ceo21: I know you did.... she was quality

Cuth23: Lori Ann Campolo

Ceo21: ick

Cuth23: giddy up

Cuth23: get on that and win a prize

Ceo21: Anthony Fusco

Cuth23: christ, i should have gotten that one

Cuth23: christina triolo

Cuth23: surprised you didn't say her yet

Cuth23: getting down to very few here

Ceo21: I know I know

Ceo21: Deserae Norris

Ceo21: 5th grade... Miss Brown's class

Ceo21: my dad did her dad's tax return

Cuth23: i thought she was 6th grade, wasn't sure. obviously not.

Cuth23: nice.

Ceo21: hmm

Ceo21: you know...

Cuth23: elizabeth nasso

Ceo21: she might be

Ceo21: I might have to take that one back

Ceo21: no no

Cuth23: you owe me TWO

Ceo21: wait....no

Ceo21: jeez

Cuth23: haha

Ceo21: 2

Cuth23: COUNT 'EM

Ceo21: I may be done...hold on I gotta think

Cuth23: I've got one more in the think tank

Ceo21: shit

Ceo21: I know I don't have 3

Ceo21: lemme try, though

Ceo21: Angelo

Cuth23: Wow, nice.

Ceo21: that's one

Ceo21: yeah

Ceo21: I may be out

Ceo21: I'm out... I don't have 2

Ceo21: who is your other one

Cuth23: I have two now

Cuth23: Remember Little Frank

Ceo21: yeah... I'm done

Cuth23: blonde hair

Ceo21: shit

Cuth23: real tiny

Ceo21: yeah

Cuth23: Tara Modaferri

Ceo21: I went to his bday party at McDonalds

Cuth23: haha

Cuth23: i was there

Ceo21: oh... can't believe I missed that one

Cuth23: and henry yu

Cuth23: couldn't join us

Ceo21: Hen Wing

Cuth23: cause his mother wouldn't let him

Ceo21: haha

Cuth23: he was there by chance and everything

Cuth23: i remember the quote, "My mother says I can't join your birthday party"

Ceo21: I gotta get going... this has been a quality waste of time

Cuth23: I dunno if we're missing anyone

Cuth23: hahaha

Ceo21: we are, no doubt

Cuth23: it has indeed