This is ridiculously amusing... Jeff

This is ridiculously amusing... Jeff the Intern told me about it.

Also... we've now hit the low point of Fordham basketball as far as I'm concerned. We lose even when we cheat....

"A long season at Fordham just got a little longer - and a whole lot stranger.

Coach Dereck Whittenburg suspended director of basketball operations Alex Groothuis for two games amid allegations that a team manager used a walkie-talkie to relay plays during the Rams' game with Xavier on Saturday.

According to a story in the Cincinnati Enquirer, a Xavier team manager witnessed a Fordham manager, who was sitting opposite the Rams bench, talking on a walkie-talkie during the first half of the Rams' game with the Musketeers at the Cintas Center. When told by the Xavier manager that NCAA rules forbid any such electronic communication during a game, the Fordham manager returned to the Rams bench before halftime.

Xavier notified game officials of Fordham's alleged misconduct at halftime but they saw no evidence of it the rest of the game. If a referee were to witness a team using an electronic device during a game, it would result in a technical foul. No technical fouls were levied against Fordham.

Like many programs, Xavier's coaching staff uses small erasable boards to call out plays or offensive sets during the game. If Fordham had staff members relaying the plays to its bench, in theory the Rams could have known what play was coming and been able to better defend it.

Xavier, however, won the game, 74-52, as Fordham's record dropped to 4-15 overall and 1-7 in the Atlantic 10's Eastern Conference."

Alright... enough of that. Nothing else interesting at the moment... Lunchtime soon. I've traded in my trademark sandwiches for salads now. In the GM cafeteria, you pay by the pound for your sandwich... $4 per lb. Most people weigh in at like $3. I, of course, routinely weigh in at $4.50 and above... and set the record, which still stands, at $5.38. The key to a record sandwich... big pieces of bread... not for weight, but for stability--to hold all the stuff you have inside. Two large chicken breasts. 3 slices of cheddar. Tomatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms peppercini, and maybe a pickle or two. mmmm... Now I'm on this salad kick... most of the same ingredients, except for the bread. I'm starving. :)

I've been thinking of creating a website around my book, if and when it gets published. I have six proposals out at literary agencies right now... haven't heard back from anyone yet. I think if I put together a website, and start to create some kind of a brand around what I'm doing, it will make getting speaking engagements easier. Maybe it can be something I possibly leverage into an educational consulting position. I think I have a message that really has some legs... I should write more about it later.