I haven't done a lot

I haven't done a lot of stuff lately that has caused much interesting brainwork on my end. For the last few weeks, I've just been way too wrapped up in activities... less rec time then I would like. Work is ridiculously busy... between the move, hosting this conference, and all these random meeting presentations to work on, its a little out of hand. What bothers me is that not everyone pitches in evenly. I'm learning a lot of lessons in managing a group from working here. Every day, I get more enthralled with the idea of running a career planning group at a college. There's something about the potential of a small group with a big opportunity set that makes for interesting possibilities. When the scope of your goals is very wide and ambiguous, and you have a small number of people to work with, I think it makes the managers job very interesting. Investment groups are like that, from what I can tell... college alumni and career departments... I don't know about marketing groups. It seems like their scope is too narrow. I think it would be interesting to feel out what other types of organizations fit this profile. You know, when I did the newspaper at Fordham, that was similar, now that I think of it. Flexible mandate with a small group. Ironically enough, GM is the complete opposite of it... at least on the car side. Hundreds of thousands of people doing one thing... making cars. What a bore it must be at the top. Poor Rick Wagoner.