Where are all the NY tech and small business reporters?

On Tuesday, October 13th, at 6:30PM, 100 Founders and CEO’s of NYC tech companies will gather at Sun Microsystems for nextNY’s “NYC Media: Meet the startups” event.

The idea behind the event was that, on a pretty regular basis, tech and small business reporters find their way to me and want to know about the “comeback” or “birth” or “rebirth” or whatever of the NY tech scene.  Then I have to tell them all about the fact that we’ve been here for years, heads down working.  Half the time, they don’t know about the most successful startups or the most innovative ones. 

It’s not easy, either.  NYC startups blend in pretty easy—squatting in other offices, in coffee shops, in their own apartments.  You never know when the two dudes in the back of your Williamsburgh design showroom are actually a couple of hackers trying to change the world.

Therefore, I thought it would be great to gather a bunch of NYC’s really awesome startups together in  one room—and that’s what we’ll have.  There will be 100 Founders and CEOs of NYC startups all in one room, including:

Brian Adams – AdMeld

(Raised $15 mil in two VC rounds since 11/08)

Seth Besmertnik – Conductor

(Raised $12 mil, including $10 mil this year from Matrix Partners and Firstmark)
Zephrim Lasker – Pontiflex

(Raised $8.75 mil since 4/08)
Anthony Volodkin – Hype Machine

(Doesn’t need VC to be cool… Inc Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30)

Dave Morgan

(Founder of Tacoda, sold to AOL for $275 million)

Geoff Lewis

Up and comer from TechCrunch 50 - $500k from Founders Fund, Private Beta


So the big question is… where are all the local tech and small business reporters covering this?  We’re going to have Jenna Wortham from the NY Times and John Abell from Wired, but I expected journalists to be tripping over themselves for this and we haven’t seen it yet. 

Where have all the reporters gone??   If you cover innovation, small business, technology, etc. you absolutely need to be here!  We’re also going to include a short presention called “Your Guide to the NYC Tech Community”.  Reporters, RSVP here!

PS… If you are an entrepreneur, we are sold out (or more like free’d out, since everything at nextNY is always free).  Please do not try to sneak in with a media ticket.  I will find you and hunt you down like the dog that you are.  Grazie.