Happy to participate in the Donor’s Choose Social Media Challenge again

Donor’s Choose is a fantastic way to get educational projects funded.  I had a great time with it last year and raised $1875.58, to be exact. 

This year, I want to double it:  $3751.16  Check out my giving page.

Here’s what I need from you: $3000

If I make it to $3000, I will kick in the $751.16, because I think this is an awesome way to get people involved.  Also, I’d like to beat the pants off the O’Reilly folks.  That’s right Tim.  I’m calling you out!  (The way I figure it, I probably wasn’t going to get invited back to another Foo anyway, so might as well go down in flames, right?)

Here’s an additional challenge…  if you get me to $4000, I will kick in another $1000, b/c $5000 is a psychologically satisfying number.   Anyone else want to throw in some matches at different levels?  Comment away.

So let’s get started!  I handpicked the projects this year… and they represent about $10,000 in needed funds.  Getting halfway there would be amazing!