Fun with Simulscribe Transcription Errors

"It's Kylie at (Restaurant?) Capital.  I'm just calling to let you know that Josh is on his way there and he's about 5 minutes away."

...or Carly from First Round Capital.

"Hi, Charles. It's Mom. Nana just called. She booked a ride with (Ces and Roy?) tomorrow, so she booked, and she's coming into Brooklyn, okay"

...Who the f are Ces and Roy and why are they driving my grandmother around?  Ohhh...  Access-a-Ride!

Charlie, I'm picking up the (aero bed?) for you in (Lennington Panes?). It's $99.00 and I have a 20% coupon.

...Lennington Panes...   a window shop that sells air beds?   Ah...   Linen's and Things!