I'm not sure I understand why I need FriendFeed

I'm looking at Fred's FriendFeed.   So, I guess it's like RSS for people.  PSS?  PeopleSimpleSyndication.

So now I'm seeing the Fred Channel...  All of Fred, all the time.

But, to be honest, I don't want All of Fred.

Fred and I don't share the same music tastes, which is mostly why I don't follow his Tumblelog.

Not only that, but this feed gives me flat Fred.  It takes Fred out of the context of the medium. 

So now I'm seeing his Twitter messages on a webpage.  I hate reading twitter on the web.  I like Twitter because it's live--real time.  It makes me feel connected to people who aren't physically occupying the same space.  Twitter breathes and has a heartbeat.  I don't want to see Fred's twits hours later on a web page.  I want to see when he's listening to some song I prob won't like right at the moment that he's listening to it, b/c it's kinda cool to know what he's up to at that moment--so I get twitter messages on my phone.

A while ago, people asked Fred to separate his blog feeds into VC, Music, and other stuff.  I would have been offended, but Fred complied.

For me personally, if you don't want to read (or at least aren't willing to skip past) my kayaking photos, than don't read my blog... or don't complain. 

How long before people want a VC Fred FriendFeed and a Music Fred FriendFeed.  Than what have we accomplished?  Wouldn't it have just been easier to pipe all the stuff to Fred's blog and locate it all there?  Than, at least each individual node on the network controls itself, its own data, etc.  Now it's all being aggregated up by another social network layer. 

I'd rather hand all my data to myself... on my blog.  I'd still love to post weekly song charts, daily twitter updates (for those who aren't on twitter) on my blog via a timed XML-RPC post.  In the meantime, I like the control of following certain people's blogs, but not their twitters, and their flickr account, but not their blog, etc. 


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