What do you name your servers after?

I found out the other day that Alex has started naming our servers after famous chefs.  It made me wonder what other naming conventions people might use, so I Twittered a message asking for people's responses. 

So far, here's what I got:

Rick Stratton
writes, "We always had super heros... Batman, robin, superman... Got down to grn lantern."

Mark Ghuneim writes, "our naming convention for boxes uses people who got away with murder : shug, oj, philspector etc..."

Zelnox added, "We name ours after energy drinks, like redbull and guru. ^_^"

Jason Baptiste chimed in as well.  "famous spaceships. ie- apollo, voyager,etc."

C.C. Chapman names his after, "characters from Shakespeare."

What about you?  What's your hardware nomenclature?

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