Hillary Clinton: All your superdelegates are belong to us. (Regardless of who the people want.)

Michigan and Florida decided to move their primaries up ahead of Super Tuesday, against the wishes of the Democratic party.  So, the party decided not to count those primaries and all the candidates decided not to campaign in those states. 

After she won them, and now that she's behind in the delegate tallies, now Hillary wants those primaries to count. 

Obama's name wasn't even on the Michigan ballet!!

She says she worries about disenfranchised voters, but then when the casino workers in Nevada officially endorsed Obama, she filed suit to prevent them from caucusing inside casinos during that state's primary.

And then there's the issue of superdelegates.  WTF even knew these people even existed before this election?  Here you are thinking that your vote counts for something, and then you find out that a bunch of political insiders can outvote you come convention time. 

Obama wants superdelegates to vote along with the people of their states.

Hillary wants superdelegates not to vote for the candidate that the people in their state voted for, but to "vote their conscience."

To me, that's just about the most objectionable stance you could possibly take on this issue.  It's less democratic. 

She thinks that superdelegates should not"be swayed by current trends"...   You know, like the trend of people not voting for her.

Her campaign strategist, himself a superdelegate, said that superdelegates should vote by keeping in mind "their best judgment in the interests of the party and the country."

I hope they do just that.  

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