Poison Pen Killing the Mets

Wanted:  Bucket of baseballs.   Willing to trade:  Guillermo Mota.

Here's a question... where would the Mets be if instead of Pelfrey starting the season as the 5th starter, it was Brian Bannister, and instead of Schowenweis, Mota, and Aaron Sele, it was Chad Bradford, Heath Bell, and Darren Oliver?

Pelfrey 3-7, 5.24
Bannister 12-9, 3.61 (For the Royals!)

Schowenweis 0-2, 5.27
Bradford 3-7, 3.38

Mota 2-2, 5.91
Bell  6-2, 2.22

Sele 3-2, 5.29
Oliver 3-0, 3.36

The Mets let go of four pitchers from last year that could have had major impacts on this season.  So, if the Mets don't see this thing through, don't blame Willie... blame Omar.