Bay Ridge Tornado was six blocks from my apartment

It's been confirmed:  A tornado touched down in Bay Ridge on 68th Street between 3rd and 4th avenues.

Not only is this six blocks from my house, but that's the block I always park my car on when there's Thursday/Friday alternate side parking in effect on my street, because that's a Monday/Tuesday block.

The storm was so strong that it woke me up out of bed (I'm a very heavy sleeper) at about 5:45AM.  That's when I sent this twit:

"Crackle crackle KA-BOOM... Wow, that one was close...and loud.  Now that's some thunder and lightning! Woke me up."

Little did I know that a goddamn tornado would touch down about a half hour later just a few blocks away.

One doesn't usually expect this kind of behavior from the sky in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.