Petsi's Pies: Going the extra 344 feet

If you live in Somerville, MA, you know Petsi's Pies.  I've never had the pleasure of having a piece myself *hint, hint* , but everyone in the area raves about them. 

Well, I happen to know a couple of Harvard Law students busy studying for their exams that live right down the street.  Only problem is, I'm in NYC and Petsi's doesn't deliver...not usually anyway.

But I called the shop and asked if they would be willing to hand deliever a blueberry pie down the street, which they happily obliged.  A lot of places might not have bothered, but Petsi's went the extra 344 feet (according to Google Maps) to close the deal.  Apparently the owner delivered the pie herself, "in her pie-making outfit".   Thanks!