danah's Twitter questions

Because I'm interested in the research and I'm an admitted fanboyd...

[x ] Yes, and you *must* use my real name.
[ ] Yes, but please use a pseudonym and don't use any identifying information.
[ ] No, please just use this for your own weird thoughts.

1. Why do you use Twitter? What do you like/dislike about it?

I use Twitter to keep up with what a particular social group is up to after work...  Only my tech friends really use it, and so I use it to make my city smaller...increasing the "random" run-ins and stop bys.

2. Who do you think is reading your Tweets? Is this the audience you want? Why/why not? Tell me anything you think of relating to the audience for your Tweets.

I don't understand why many of the people who are subscribed to them are.  Seems like a lot of the people don't really know me, so I'm not sure why they would care when I go play softball or what bars I'm at.  At least when strangers read my blog, they might gleen some interesting technology info or something...  but my twitters are the day to day minutia of my life...  Sometimes, I'm not even interested in them.

I'd love for some of my non tech friends to be on it...  and maybe I'll clue them in, but I don't think you'd really "get it" if you weren't blogging or reading blogs and understanding the value and potential of this kind of openness.

3. How do you read others' Tweets? Do you read all of them? Who do you read/not read and why? Do you know them all?

I read on the phone, but have it set to not buzz during certain hours of the day, like when I'm sleeping.  I do not read all of them...  just the people I'm likely to bump into and a few extras who I happen to find really amusing or interesting.   I know all of the people I read at least digitally... not necessarily in person.

4. What content do you think is appropriate for a Tweet? What is inappropriate? Have you ever found yourself wanting to Tweet and then deciding against it? Why?

I don't know why people have public casual conversations over Twitter... the kind that others aren't likely to be interested in.... I mean, I know why the do, I just wish I could filter it out.  I've never bagged a Tweet.

5. Are your Tweets public? Why/why not? How do you feel about people you don't know coming across them? What about people you do know?

My Tweets are public and I'm fine with it.  To people I don't know, they might seem irrelevent, but certainly not something someone would judge me on in a way that I care about.

6. What do i need to know about why Twitter is/is not working for you or your friends?

Twitter needs better group and notification management tools.  I want to be able to get different messages across both phone and IM at the same time, or at different times.  Basically, I need a calendar that allows me to turn on/off independently of each other what my notifications are with a schedule.  Also, I would like to be able to bundle/group people with this same level of control.