Proof that the web is flat...

There's now a list of the 50 Most Important People on the Web.

You want proof that the web is still a democratic place that is ruled by the little people?  Check out the dramatic dropoff after.... um.... about 15 or so.

Most of the people after 15 touch the lives of only a small handful of internet users and are pretty much unknown to most of the people not reading A-list tech blogs, with the exception of Tina Tequila of course.

Here are some comments on the list and notable exceptions:

  • Phillip Rosedale coming in ahead of Meg Whitman and Jeff Bezos?  I'm sorry, but market cap and actual profits say otherwise.  You could say that eBay and Amazon are just a bunch of e-tailers, but consider Skype on the eBay side and all of Amazon's pay as you go backend web services as gamechangers.   I still haven't seen Second Life disrupt any markets yet or change any games.
  • Drew Curtis of Fark came in ahead of the VP of Engineering of Mozilla...  I think even Drew would find that pretty laughable.
  • Actually, Steve Jobs at #2...   This is the web, right?   As far as I knew, Steve Jobs is really effecting consumer electronics and digital distribution, but I don't really think Apple has much influence on the web.  Unless they've upgraded, isn't Apple a hardware manufacturer with a piece of proprietary desktop software? 
  • Missing people?   How about anyone from AIM?