Excited about meeting folks at SXSW

I'm so glad I signed up for SXSW.   Not only does the content seem really  interesting, but there are going to be some great people there who I've never gotten to meet in person.  I'm really excited to hear danah speak and to finally meet up with Rob May from BusinessPundit.  I've been reading BP and chatting with Rob by e-mail for probably at least two years.   Matt Winn will be there, too, but unfortunately, no record of the event will get paintedCultureJunkie Stephanie is also going to be in attendance. 

Also, a bunch of nextNYers including Noel, Andrew, and Michael.

Fred's also going to be there and so is Brian, which is good, b/c I owe him a meal.   

If anyone wants me to look them up or wants to join me (or others) at particular sessions, I've posted at least through Saturday of where I'm going to be on my PBWiki.