Outside.in knows I live in a neighborgood, not a zipcode

I've been checking out outside.in and I have to figure out how to geotag my posts per post... b/c I only rarely write about Bay Ridge, but I'm often in other places in the city.

But one thing that just strikes me  is the web's insistence on using zip codes as neighborhood identifiers.   Who really knows any zipcodes besides places you live and where you work?   I've been setting up football games in Sportsvite and I have no idea what the zipcode of Riverbank State Park is, so I just throw in some garbage.  (Other than that, though... its way easier to invite my team to a season's worth of games on there than on Evite.)  A lot of local event things do this...  and I can see how an information architect would love this...  a numerical system for geocoding...  but that's not really the way people live, except for the three people who tag Bay Ridge photos in flickr with 11209.  A lot more people are using the bayridge tag.

Outside.in has mapped zipcodes to neighborhoods and so, now, I can subscribe to the Bay Ridge newsfeed.  Kudos to them to realizing that I live in a place with a name, not a number.