Welcome... new bloggers, new readers...

In the last week, I went from about 950 readers to 1100.  Feedburner glitch or real human subscribers?   We'll see if it lasts.

In the meantime, I'm proud to say that my Fordham undergrad class got marching orders last night to start up their blogger blogs.   Last week, they e-mailed some bloggers to get tips and they're building that last as they get responses here.   One student jumped all over it and had his blog up about 40 minutes after class ended.  Should be a lot of fun as, in a couple of weeks, we'll be moving from a discussion on tools to a talk about how specific industries are being affected by technology.  They'll be blogging their responses and thoughts on the subject.  Should be fun.

Plus, I'm going to open up those pages on how industries are being affected to the public...  so you'll have a chance to have some input into the content of my class.

It's snowing here, by the way.  I'm sort of unimpressed.