Searching for Some Web 2.0 in My One True Love

So, for some reason, I'm a little more conscious of being alone this year, even though its actually a rarity that I'm actually dating someone on Valentine's Day.

Being so swamped with work lately, I started to think that maybe what I'm looking for in the woman of my dreams is the same as what I look for in a good social Web 2.0 app.

Hear me out!

1) First off, low barrier to usage. I don't see myself registering and giving all my data beforehand. Whoever I wind up with is going to slowly seep into my life and get me hooked over time. Call it the New Dating Deal.

2) SMS and IM notifications... I really hate the phone, so she's going to need short form message capability.

3) Voice enabled... She needs to be outspoken, especially to be able to talk over and interrupt me. I get very excited about what I'm into and can too easily drown someone who is too quiet, even if I'm really interested in them and want to know about them.

4) Doesn't require too much money. I'm lucky that my career has kept me in a comfortable living situation, but I've never taken any of it for granted. She should appreciate whatever she has and be able to make do in rich times and in poor. Money doesn't buy happiness or a successful startup necessarily.

5) Uses AJAX...Small superficial changes should not require her to completely refresh her pages...she should be able to change on the fly without a lot of fuss...go with the flow

6) Tagging... She shouldn't easily fit into one static category...she can have many seemingly random traits and be many things to many people.

7) Open APIs... She plays well with others and is selfless and giving.

8) Uses OpenID...She's true to who she is in all situations.

9) Skinnable... She can dress up for a party and lounge around in PJs with no makeup and feel comfortable and functional in either attire.

10) Rounded corners. I'll be honest...I like a few curves in both my dates and my Web 2.0 app UIs.