Exclusive digital distribution of sports games eats away at the core of my soul

When the Mets were in the playoffs last year, I couldn't get a video stream of the game on the web, even though I had paid for MLB Extra Innings.  Why?  Because I was actually in New York, so the game was blacked out locally.  Well, without a TV at my desk, I literally had no access to some of the daytime games.  It had nothing to do with whether I was willing to pay...  I was just shut out cold.

Now, the NFL wants to feature similar TV packages exclusively on DirectTV.  I don't have DirectTV.  Therefore, this sucks.

Argue away about business models and pricing...   about whether content should be free, paid for, freemium, ad supported or what have you... and that's fine...  but the following is UTF (utterly... ridiculous).

It is 2007 and there is digital content that I as a cable subscriber and broadband internet user  still cannot access, even though I am willing to pay for it.

When is this going to end?  It's one thing to say that the stuff is mispriced, but access?  Access should not be an issue.  If I want to watch any baseball game, I should be able to... on my TV or on the web, regardless of who I pay for my big fat dumb data pipe, which seems to be getting dumber by the minute.

All content on demand for anyone, period.  If I have to pay, I'll pay, but at least give me the opportunity.

Anyone want to venture some guesses as to when this happens?