Thoughts from the Left Coast

So first off, I'm so tired right now...    Its 3AM in my world, yet West Coast time is only midnight.  Couple that with the fact that I'm only on 5 hours sleep that finished around 5:45 AM this morning, and, well... sleepy sleepy soon.

But I did want to share a few thoughts...

First off, Jamba is like at least 20% cheaper here.  I think that singlehandedly explains the difference in startup activity.

Second, why didn't anyone tell me that MikeCrunch was so tall?  First time I met him in person and I couldn't help but stand on my toes a little... and I'm 5'11''.

Third, the sandwich I just bought only cost me $4 but it took like 25 minutes to make.  CA: Cheap and slow.  NY:  Expensive and fast.  I guess you get what you pay for.

Four, I really hate turbulence.  Left right, not so bad.  Up down, not so good.   I nearly tore off the arm rest, Total Recall style.