Gmail issues with Windows Mobile 6 - Argh!

Here's something from the "This should just friggin' work" file.

I've been using Gmail on WM6 Outlook through its POP3 connection and it barely works.  Downloading mail usually works, but sending is terrible. On Friday, I accidentally left someone hanging at lunch because he never got the e-mail I sent from my phone. 

So, instead, I tried downloading the Gmail Java client.  It downloads fine, but when I try to run it, it says I have the wrong certificate.  After some Google searches, I thought I found the right one straight from Verisign, installed it, but I still get the same message.  Ridiculous!  The client downloads but it just won't connect with the server. 

I've looked at a few mobile web apps for e-mail, like OneMail, but I feel pretty stupid shelling out $30 for a mail client when the one I have should already just work!

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