Flock: Not sucking. Pretty sah-weet, actually.

I saw Fred's post on Flock so I decided to try it out again.

It's actually very cool...


First off, I've got all my various friend feeds automatically updating along the sidebar.

Twitter?  Check.

Facebook?  Check.

Flickr?  Check.

Then, I've finally got a web plugin for blogging that works, because Sribefire/Performancing never would for me.

I can automatically upload pictures to Flickr, from the web for from anywhere on my computer.

There's a favorites button that can be configured to post to del.icio.us.

Even a feed reader, but I don't use that because I need Newsgator to sync to my phone... otherwise I would.

Best part about it is most of the Firefox plugins work with it, like my Forecastfox. 

I think I'm a convert... this is a very cool browsing experience and it combines a lot of things I needed to use separate sites and clients to do.

Go get the 1.0 beta and check it out.

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