Paninis, Pretty Girls and Metro North

I made myself a chicken parm sandwich to eat for dinner at work, but of course, I forgot it in the fridge on my way out. So, when I showed up at Track 103 to take the train up to Fordham with two minutes to spare, I got hungry. Panini stand right across from the track. Sah-weet. Dude, you got about a minute and a half to get me a panini. Go pay now, he says, and I'll get it to you. bucks on me. Credit card. Well, the woman behind the counter totally dropped the ball on the credit card machine. Fumbleruski. Fumblaya. Final seconds ticking down. Sorry, gotta bag it. Abort! Abort! Just get me the credit card back. Dropped the panini and bolted. Shoot...train leaving. I ran up to it anyway. By the back door, the ticket taker gave me the nothing I can do but shrug like a doofus look. Damn you..its still 5:37!!

Enter the pretty girl. Man, sometimes, I wish I was a hot girl. Ok, so we can pee standing up, so we've got that going for us, but being an attractive female is like having the Force.

*Waves hand*

You will check out my legs and open the door for us.

I think I'll check out your legs and then open the door for you, despite previously shrugging off the bald guy.

I wish I had that panini...or my sandwich.