Fight Like a Girl - Pillow Fight League in Brooklyn

Last Saturday, I saw a pillow fight.   

It wasn't just any pillow fight.  It was a kick-ass, no holds (as long as there's a pillow in between) barred action packed official Pillow Fight League pillow fight.

Here are more clips of the action.  (PS.. Let me know if they're choppy for you... I was having a little problem with them at home...and what system/browser you're on.)

I took some photos as well.  My friend Allison took part in an amatuer match and won, but she was a bit worse for wear afterwards.


The whole thing was quite a lot of fun.  The girls were tough, but they were also creative, as they each had a persona invented for the fighting.   I think Allison and I agreed that Boozy Suzey was our favorite, mostly because she would cover someone's head with a pillow and just punch away.  I mean, seriously, if you can't be entertained by a bunch of girls fighting, go back to watching American Idol or that stupid Howie Mandel and his magic suitcases show.  This was real entertainment.   

I can't wait until these girls come back to New York!!