Report: Pacers' Jones to Join Raptors

I run this great program for NYC-area students interested in finance called SEMI.  We even started a blog this year.  It gives students the opportunity to get matched up with a professional from the New York Society of Security Analysts, learn about different areas of finance, and also potentially win a sizable scholarship.

One of the goals for improvement in the program next year is to improve the mentor's experience.  Our mentors are very dedicated, but sometimes they feel out of touch with the broader program, or they're not exactly sure what they're suppossed to be telling the students.

I'm looking for feedback on mentoring experiences.  What has worked, what hasn't?  Are the programs you're involved with very structured or do the mentoring pairs work independently?

Also, is anyone who is reading this a member of NYSSA, or knows a NYSSA member who would make a great mentor for students interested in finance?