Harrison Street Regatta

This Saturday, the Downtown Boathouse will be holding its annual Harrison Street Regatta:

From DTBH:

This is our annual fun-race and BBQ that is held every year at the Boathouse. It is the highlight of the paddling season. We hold a race from Pier 96 to our 72nd St. dock. The winner is the 2nd boat to cross the finish line. The race is open to all human-powered craft. All participants are entered in a drawing for boating-related prizes. Our fleet of public kayaks is available for use, or bring your own boat. Come at 1:00PM to register, the Race Starts at 2:00PM. A BBQ is held after the race. Everything including the food and soft drinks is 100% free.

Last year, I came in 3rd... but 1st my self termed "Crappy Boat Class".  The two guys who beat me were in fiberglass boats and I had a slow plastic one.  So, I'm going to secunder one of our newer boats by taping my name to it in the wee hours of the morn before the race starts...   I don't care about the whole 2nd boat in, thing...   I'm very ok with finishing first.  :)

So, if you'd like to come and check out kayaking, Saturday afternoon would be the day to do it....  so you could watch me leave Tim in the dust.  Remember, though, that the race ends at our location at 72nd Street!   Its a one way race, so that's where the BBQ will be as well.