Clues to 'black Paul Bunyan' found (AP)

Finding new things in is a little bit like an egg hunt.  The Tag Team releases a new feature,  with no announcment, and then the community finds it.

So, if you haven't used the for: tag yet, don't feel bad.

Basically, if you want to send a link to another user, you tag it for:theirscreename.  Now, I've used the "forchristina" tag in the past and had my mentee use it to get things, but this is much less of a hack.  With the for: tag, you can send stuff directly to them and only get can see it.  To retreive your own for: tags when you're signed in, just got to and it will automatically default to your own for: links.  Plus, you can subscribe to your ow for: tag via RSS.

So, if anyone wants to send me a link, be it furniture for my apartment, cool events, companies of interest, etc. you can just tag it for:ceonyc and I'll get it.