Class of '03 Takes Lead Role for U.S. Squad

Is it me, or are there a few people talking about video lately?

And if that's not an enough of an understatement, New York City has a small vermin problem.

Its fascinating to what how many people are trying to play this every which way.

Here's the video technology list of lists... a random collection of small bits loosely joined that I'm putting out there as fodder for discussion:

The goal in figuring out where video is going next is (depending on who you are):

  1. To make a lot of money by investing.
  2. To not lose a lot of money you've yet to invest.
  3. To make more money than you're already making.
  4. To not shoot your current business in the face.
  5. To figure out what consumers want and make them happy.

The players are/want to be (jeez, this is a big list):

  1. Consumers
  2. Cable operators
  3. Television stations
  4. TV producers/publishers
  5. Movie producers/publishers
  6. Content archive owners
  7. Advertisers
  8. GYMAAA (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Amazon, Apple)
  9. Flickr for video startups
  10. These guys?
  11. Box and chip companies (Phillips, Intel, etc.)
  12. Tivo
  13. Netflix, Blockbusters
  14. Bittorrent
  15. MySpace, Facebook (My friends are watching...)
  16. Big Telecom
  17. Handset manufacturers
  18. Homebuilders
  19. Akimbo, Brightcove, etc.

Top ten conflicts/bottlenecks that will cause the consumer to get the short end of the stick:

  1. DRM
  2. Video on demand cannibalizes recent release DVD sales
  3. Royalty streams for actors not setup for content ubiquity (Someone told me this, not sure if its true)
  4. Home media server setup expensive and complicated for video
  5. The $1.99 price point
  6. No way in hell all three four (iPod) screens are going to cooperate enough so that, if I buy episodes of the A-Team once, I'm going to be able to watch them on my laptop, Video IPod, TV, and my cellphone. 
  7. No universal video format (can we just lock everyone in a room and fix this)
  8. Watching DVDs in your pimped up SUV likely to cause accidents
  9. Add your addition here.
  10. Ok, so I only came up with 7... so shoot me.

What consumers want:

  1. Everything
  2. Anywhere
  3. Cheaper than we pay for it now, and growing cheaper  everyday, because that's supposedly the reason why we invented technology in the first place.
  4. Search, Discovery, Recommendation (because, the new adage is, "You can't have everything... how would you find it.")

So, if anyone wants to piece these things together coherently in an essay or maybe in a little chart or something, feel free.  I haven't come up with a unified theory yet.