BlackHat, DefCon Pranks Underlie Larger Security Message

Link: TRENDWATCHING.COM Newsletter | Global Consumer and Marketing Trends | April 2005.

Thanks to Liesbeth den Toom for pointing me in the direction of the permalink for Trendwatching.  They've got an interesting site up and this month's newsletter highlighted "Tryvertising".  The idea:  "Give me free stuff and if I like it, I'll keep using it."  Sure, we've gotten little packets of shampoo in the mail, but did you know that there are some hotels that will let you drive around in a Maybach for free?  I hope this catches on, because I'm all about free stuff.  That's how I got hooked on Fresh Direct.  They had this free $50 of groceries offer and I'm all about food, so it was a can't miss.  Now, I don't think I've bought groceries in a regular supermarket more than twice.  The other day, I ordered mangos.  No mangos in Gristides... at least nothing that looked like a mango anyway.  We used to do the same thing at GM when people tried to sell us data services or research.  The message:  Get us hooked!  Not enough companies are doing that.