10 Things that Web 2.0 taught me that I'll take with me at my new job...

So, after a very busy week one at Oddcast, I've started thinking about how I'll be using everything I've learned about the web...    Because if I haven't actually learned anything in the past couple of years, then I've been wasting both our times.

So, here's what I think I've learned that I need to focus on applying:

1.  The three P's.  Product.  Product.  Product.   

2.  There is no "best" UI, there is only the "right" UI.  Example:  There is no AJAX in MySpace or Craigslist.

3. I will not stop thinking about new features, because nobody likes a dead product.

4. I will maintain and active and open dialogue with my userbase and potential userbase.

5.  I should listen to the people who aren't using my product maybe even more than the people who are using my product.

6.  The more tools in the hands of the user, the more they will build the experience themselves.

7.  Products need more offline relevence... a connection to someone I know... something I can do online that affects someone else in the real world... 

8. Give people more ways to communicate and they will communicate more, not just differently.

9. We have only touched the surface so far and most of the "rules" are unwritten, so I should not be afraid to do something completely new.

10. No one likes to be sold to.