What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend? Me? Kayaking... and little else... and its about time!

I'm not going out to Fire Island or the Hamptons.

No Jersey Shore either.

Nope....  I'm not making any plans, b/c I need a weekend off...  not a vacation.. but a weekend around NYC...   a few hours in my apartment wouldn't be bad either.  I could finally get my ceiling fans, hook up my TV to my media center (nope, still haven't done that either.)  Maybe I'll make a pizza, too.

I'll definately be spending a disproportionate amount of time at Pier 96 at the boathouse, too.  I'm set on being there Sunday and Monday, since the weather is going to be good.  Saturday might be my day in Brooklyn, especially if it rains.

I'm not big into vacations, but catch-up time is always welcome.