Great... one less place to play... Save Goldman Field!

Places to play in this city are few and far between as it is...   and now one of the only three full-size fields in Manhattan with lights is going to be demolished this summer to make room for science buildings.

I just got this note from ZogSports:

Goldman Field at City College is one of ZogSports’

most heavily used fields (City College is one of five full

size fields in Manhattan and one of only three

with lights). You also know that

thanks to you, all of our leagues have become popular. The reason why each of our leagues sells

out quickly is that we currently don’t have enough field space to accommodate

the demand.


It has come to our

attention that City College and CUNY plan to
demolish the field at
City College starting this summer

in order to build new science buildings. This would adversely affect all of our leagues, not just those currently

using City College as a


ZogSports is taking a lead role

to avoid the demolition of the field and we need your help. It is important to get as many people
possible to sign the petition to save the field.





      not only serves as the home for



      College's NCAA athletic teams and intramural programs, but also






      High School


      (NYC public school) and countless community groups including:











          Little League 


          Youth Soccer 
          NYC Youth Lacrosse League 
          (charity-focused, co-ed sports league for young professionals) 


          N.Y.C. Metro Sports

          many other youth and community organizations

Sign this petition to help preserve this field.

Are there seriously no old buidings up at 133rd. that they city can't refurbish and use for a science building?  Why is recreational space the first target?