RSS and the Sidebar Wasteland

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Bald is the new black.


Juuuust a bit outside.

Hat for bat.  Keep bat warm.

What are these lines?

They're from the second half of my title bar, which I keep changing, and along with everything I've got going in my sidebar, you're probably not paying attention to them because of RSS.

As RSS grows, I think we're going to see everything outside of the main feed of content get marginalized and also see a buildup of people trying to get into the feed. was a good example.  They allowed people to autopost their bookmarks to their blog.  You could also create a linkroll, but I'd bet anything that link lists right in the feed got higher clickthroughs than those on the sidebar.  Part of me feels like its kind of a vote of confidence on behalf of the publisher.  If it appears in the main feed, the publisher thinks its useful enough to get sent directly to their most loyal readers.  That's a filter usually worth looking at for me.

I'm suprised more of the services I use haven't tried to live in my feed.

I just started using Upcoming (I know, I'm late to that party...) and now I've got a little widget on my sidebar for it...  but its a bit dinky.  It should really autopost to my blog what event I'm looking at or planning on attending the day before.  It would be great marketing for them and I'd love the feedback on that.  I'm sure somebody would be like, "Hey, that looks cool, I'd love to attend as well." 

So what other "...of the day" services should live in my blog?  Any ideas?  What services either live in your sidebar or just on the web somewhere that could benefit from some in-blog/in-feed distribution that would actually make for interesting content?

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