Fun with SEO

Obviously, our SEO skills leave something to be  desired...

you type in "new york venture capital" in Yahoo! search, Union Square
Ventures comes up #3, behind SuperPages and New York Life, two sites
with way more traffic than ours.  That's pretty good.  (Good to see
venture capital jobs in New York from Indeed come up on that first
page, too.)

But in  Google, I can't even find us.  (Can't find Indeed either.)

comes in ahead of us, because they list themselves as having a New York
office, even though "New York" isn't in the title of their site like
ours is. 

The Davis venture fund comes in ahead of us, too...
albeit on the 2nd page, because "Davis New York Venture Fund’s
investment objective is long term growth of capital."  So, the words
aren't together, but capital is in that sentence somewhere.

Feedburner feed is at the bottom of page #8, but I went all the way to
page #20 and can't find our actual site at all.  Wacky, no?  I mean,
the words "New York Venture Capital" are right in the title of our
website, in that order.

Anybody have any ideas?

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