Women of NYC new media/tech - Where are you?

So there's been a flood of interest in nextNY, which is great.

People are excited about connecting with others both socially and professionally in the local NYC tech and new media community who are early on in their career path.

However, most of these people so far are, not surprisingly, male.

That wouldn't be surprising if this were just about getting engineers together, because that's, unfortunately, the makeup of that area.

But the future of NYC's digital workforce includes a wider group--marketers, people in sales, design and creative folks, and I'm pretty sure there are a few women in those areas working with, for, or trying to get into tech companies.  And, if this is going to be a social group, we need a balace--a diversity of interests, backgrounds, and gender, too--because we want this to be fun.

So where are they? 

If you are an ambitious young woman looking to help shape the NYC digital community, or you just want to drink with the NYC digital community and attend the occasional presentation (we don't know what the presentations will be yet... taking ideas), join us on February 22nd at our first bar outing.  RVSP with me at charlie@unionsquareventures.com.